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Presented by Persimmon Telecommunications                                                                              Updated: February 11, 2023
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Cable Internet Access Options - Choose and Order here

Persimmon Connections is your one-stop for obtaining quotes from cable companies in the USA as well as quotes from Telecom carriers. Below you can shop for and compare cable Internet Access options and you will be able to order what you prefer with the help of one of our Telecom experts. By ordering through Persimmon Connections, your receive Added Value; e.g.,

  • a price that is at least as good if not better then you can obtain by ordering direct or through any other channel
  • free independent circuit monitoring of all internet circuits ordered through us
  • assistance dealing with the provider on any issue that the provider has not resolved to yur satisfaction
  • consultation from our team of experts to help you detrmine the best Teelcom solution to meet your needs


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One Stop For Business Telecommunications Products and Services!
Compare the options, Order the solution that best fits your needs and Save.

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